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10.16.18 | Published in The Surfers Journal! | Maui Surf Photographer Nick Ricca

i woke up to a great surprise today. A fresh copy of The Surfer’s Journal was in my mailbox, Volume 27.5, the October/November 2018 Issue. In this issue is a feature on Cliff Kapono, an incredible Hawaiian surfer and scientist. One of my photos of him from last winter at Pe’ahi made the cut and was published!

IMG_0583 2.JPG

As a kid, I loved flipping through surf magazines just to see all of the cool pictures. The flawless waves, far off locations, and exciting stories drew me in. Now that I’m a bit older, and print mags are dying in favor of social media and the digital era, I get so stoked to flip through something physical and see photos that got me into this in the first place.


Mahalo Cliff for charging and being a great human, and The Surfer’s Journal, for keeping the dream alive. If you aren’t subscribed to their magazine you should be, and check out the feature! Till next time.