10.16.18 | Published in The Surfers Journal! | Maui Surf Photographer Nick Ricca

i woke up to a great surprise today. A fresh copy of The Surfer’s Journal was in my mailbox, Volume 27.5, the October/November 2018 Issue. In this issue is a feature on Cliff Kapono, an incredible Hawaiian surfer and scientist. One of my photos of him from last winter at Pe’ahi made the cut and was published!

IMG_0583 2.JPG

I feel very fortunate to be on this path I’ve chosen with my life. To be able to capture moments like this, right in my backyard.. I see all of the preparation, time, and skill that goes into surfing big waves, so to photograph the culmination of all that hard work is priceless.

To then see one of these images in print — especially in this epic magazine — fuels the fire in me to continue doing what I’m doing. It makes my early mornings and late nights even more worth it, and makes me feel so greatful that this is my passion.


As a kid, I loved flipping through surf magazines just to see all of the cool pictures. The flawless waves, far off locations, and exciting stories drew me in. Now that I’m a bit older, and print mags are dying in favor of social media and the digital era, I get so stoked to flip through something physical and see photos that got me into this in the first place.


Mahalo Cliff for charging and being a great human, and The Surfer’s Journal, for keeping the dream alive. If you aren’t subscribed to their magazine you should be, and check out the feature! Till next time.

2.10.18 | MAUI YOUTH RIDE THE REUSABLE WAVE | Photos + Blog for REEF

2.10.18 | MAUI YOUTH RIDE THE REUSABLE WAVE | Photos + Blog for REEF

Reef Partners with Rob Machado Foundation to help Haiku Elementary School's fight against single use plastic and impact on the environment. Photos and Article by Nick Ricca.

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Throwback to December 2014. It was the middle of winter, Jaws was pumping, and Shane Dorian got one of the waves of the day. An occurrence we've grown accustomed to. Check it out on Billabong's blog.

"Alright, so Jaws isn't on the North Shore of Oahu, we know that. But Billabong team rider Shane Dorian left the North Shore just a couple hours after losing his Quarterfinal heat the Billabong Pipe Masters Trials to get over to Jaws, so this makes the blog.

Plus, look at these photos and videos...didn't you want to see that anyway?"

Photos: Nick Ricca (check out more of his stuff here)