Throwback: Volcom's PSYCHIC MIGRATIONS Maui Premiere by Nick Ricca

Two years ago on October 5th, 2015, Volcom premiered a new film titled "Psychic Migrations." It was the night that really got me fired up to shoot events, especially surf movie premieres. I showed up to the MACC early and nervously walked around the grounds to get my head straight. Too many thoughts were flying through my mind. Camera settings were tinkered with, test shots were fired, and the excitement began to build. I didn't want to blow it. As friends filed into the venue, those worries melted away. Before the movie began, Volcom Hawaii team riders did a huge product toss giveaway into the crowd. Every grom in the theatre was rushing the stage, screaming and clamoring for a prize. In the midst of the action, I fired off this frame, not knowing how much of a moment it would be. Volcom loved the final gallery, and this shot made the rounds on social media across various accounts. That stoked me out, and was a turning point for me for working with bigger brands. I recently rediscovered it on Volcom's blog, and thought I'd share. I'm thankful to have had that opportunity, and for where it's led me today. 

The New Wave of Surf Photography with Zak Noyle | The Red Bulletin by Nick Ricca

In February 2015, I was sent to the north shore of Oahu to capture the Volcom Pipe Pro for my sponsor REV'D. It was a week of pushing my personal limits, meeting international friends, and taking in the madness that is the north shore. I was floored to get an opportunity to shoot the final day of the contest in the water, with 3 other photographers out. 3 of the best in the game. It was humbling to say the least, and The Red Bulletin published a piece on Zak Noyle using one of my photos from that day.

Check it out here

The North Shore Blog - Shane Dorian Takes on Jaws | BILLABONG US by Nick Ricca

Throwback to December 2014. It was the middle of winter, Jaws was pumping, and Shane Dorian got one of the waves of the day. An occurrence we've grown accustomed to. Check it out on Billabong's blog.

"Alright, so Jaws isn't on the North Shore of Oahu, we know that. But Billabong team rider Shane Dorian left the North Shore just a couple hours after losing his Quarterfinal heat the Billabong Pipe Masters Trials to get over to Jaws, so this makes the blog.

Plus, look at these photos and videos...didn't you want to see that anyway?"

Photos: Nick Ricca (check out more of his stuff here)

Maui Lights Up for Hurricane Guillermo | The Inertia by Nick Ricca

It's hurricane season here in Hawaii, which means rainy weather and swell chasing. Here's the result of a recent storm.

Hurricane Guillermo. It swept by the islands with a bit of rain and wind, but left us with amazing swell, nonetheless. There’s nothing like a little storm to light up the island as we draw closer to the end of summer. I went out with a couple of friends to search for waves and shoot some photos. It was a great few days that left everyone surfed out. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

A Shaper Who Surfs His Own Equipment | The Inertia by Nick Ricca

Another gallery up on The Inertia, this time on my friend Chaz.

"Chaz Kazuma Kinoshita, 18, from Maui, Hawaii is the son of legendary shaper Matt Kinoshita of Kazuma Surfboards. Chaz has been in and around the shaping bay since he was young, learning the art and experimenting with new shapes. Shapers who surf their own equipment are unique in the way that they can envision the board, create it, and then test it. Surfing influences their shaping, and shaping influences their surfing. Chaz’s designs are innovative like his surfing, blending old school style with new age progression. Here’s a little glimpse into the life of an up-and-coming shaper out of Maui."