Photo by Chris J Evans

Photo by Chris J Evans

“Surf photography depends on a lot of variables. It’s not like a studio space where you can plan a concept, set up your lights and model and get to work. You have to rely on so many things to fall into place. The waves have to be good, the surfer has to be performing and the light has to be nice. We are at the mercy of nature. Honestly, I stay motivated by knowing where I want to be and what I want in life. I can’t get complacent, knowing there is always someone better than me nipping at my heels. If I don’t keep progressing and elevating, someone else will. The most rewarding part of what I do is the fact that it’s what I love. My photos allow me to be outside enjoying what the world has to offer. It’s the creative freedom and flexibility to make my own schedule. At the end of the day, I want to create amazing content, travel and tell stories through my work.” - From a feature on Studybreaks.

I have been infatuated with cameras and capturing moments from a very young age. Growing up on the north shore of Maui and constantly being in the water has influenced me immensely. The ocean is ever changing, always coming and going. I've carried those qualities into my work and life, and am constantly on the move. My background in the world of surfing and action sports trained me to be fluid and adaptable, to always get the shot and deliver excellent work. Whether documenting the pursuits of those riding the world's largest waves, or the raw energy of live music, I seek to show the world what I see, to capture unique stories, and to inspire others to explore. I'm passionate about all things surf, music, travel, and art. Thank you for stopping by!

Clients include: RedBull, VISSLA, Billabong USA, Volcom, Dakine Surf, Sporting Club of the Pacific, University of Hawaii Maui College, REV'D, Catch Surf, BAMP Project, OVAN Eyewear and more...



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Chaz Kinoshita for VISSLA. Used in a major ad campaign that landed on multiple surf shop windows around the state.

Chaz Kinoshita for VISSLA. Used in a major ad campaign that landed on multiple surf shop windows around the state.